The Napoleonic Wars - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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    Go to to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!

    1. Ng Bach
      Ng Bach
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      When do you make video about Vietnam's warrr??? I wait it so longgg

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      Can you do The Quasi war?

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      teo tetrad
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      Pls do the great Alexander s wars pls. He was the only emperor who didnt lose any war pls

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      please can u make a video about Mahamtme Gandi who proof The truth and love can change anything

  2. 〴⋋_⋌〵
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    He was the greatest general and emporer of all time

  3. KFCommunism | Kingdom of Meartia
    KFCommunism | Kingdom of Meartia
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    17:20 anti corporal pumishment activists THROW IT IN THE TRASH child protection services THROW IT IN THE TRASH posting about bad parenting THROW IT IN THE TRASH

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    make a video about Alexander the great

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    ajamin aomer
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    Why hasn’t he made videos in a long time?

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    Human Haker9
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    I hope he oversimplifies the Third World War

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    Did Austria pay compensation in Dogecoin? Amazing foresight!

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  10. Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne
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    Littlefinger’s statement “Chaos is a ladder” was true for Napoleon

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    Jesus Christ
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    That ad break was smooth as fuck. If all ads were like that i wouldn't get adblock.

  12. Samuel Hacker
    Samuel Hacker
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    I see that the Russians have learned battle tactics from the emus

  13. COOPER Vekich
    COOPER Vekich
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    When I heard him say "here comes the rest of the army" I knew that lady was in for a world of pain

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    Liam Watson
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    24:07 how to make the russian monarchy look even worse

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    If oversimplified was my teacher then history will my favourite subject

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    3:24 All that ambition in such a small compact person.

  21. XSienwri AJX
    XSienwri AJX
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    Dora: do you see the guy with a huge head? You do where? Napoleon: HEY!!!!! MY HEAD IS AVERAGE SIZE FOR THE TIME

  22. Rozina Farheen
    Rozina Farheen
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    Louis XVII get's a nose. Louis XVI: Grandpa was correct I am just a fat ill-bred boy.(INTENSE CRYING)

  23. Bronx Bomber
    Bronx Bomber
    18 tundi tagasi

    Real question - I watched your videos on the Revolutionary War and the French Revolution. You made it clear in those that the British was not flush with cash, particularly after the 7 year war and the Revolutionary War. Yet, around the 22 minute mark in this video, say that Britain had copious amounts of money. How did they recover economically from the wars in North America?

    1. Siddharth
      15 tundi tagasi

      Easy money 💰💰

    2. Siddharth
      15 tundi tagasi

      They did by imposing heavy tax on india and selling opium to china

  24. Blake The Countryball
    Blake The Countryball
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    Imagine the French monarchy recruited Napoleon...

  25. Nefelibata Nation
    Nefelibata Nation
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    Didn't Josephine have rotten black teeth because she grew up with access to sugar?

  26. Anju Pravakar
    Anju Pravakar
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    Moral:attack Russia when there is spring in it.

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    Sentient Mustache
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    Anthony Joseph Blancas
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  43. Dustin Gaming
    Dustin Gaming
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    Addison Smith
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    American Guy
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    M. Aji Prasetyo
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    Slenderman's Revenant
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    Elian Juatas
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    Deux Pomme
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  60. Kristin A
    Kristin A
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    I’d say Napoleon was a total badass, but he was nice to jews, so naw

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    Would be nice if you post a chinese civil war video if you got the time

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    Alexander Karlov
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    Кирилл Кувинов
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    A very normal epic person
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    That one Tradie
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    sift animations and gaming
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  81. sift animations and gaming
    sift animations and gaming
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  82. sift animations and gaming
    sift animations and gaming
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    what's the music at 7:39?

  83. sift animations and gaming
    sift animations and gaming
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  84. sift animations and gaming
    sift animations and gaming
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    hartmann ✠
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    Rohaan Ahmed
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  89. Orleanist
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    I'm pretty sure this is a large example of the bias in this channel. George Washington is portrayed as a great and moral general, with everything right about him, whilst the greatest general of all time is portrayed as a short angry creep. I mean, I enjoy your content, but it's pretty unfair to tales against the Americans and British stories. I mean, China had absolutely nothing given to them in the WW2 episode even though they were one of the big 3 and was one of the largest factors to the defeat of Japan.

  90. Dragon_breath
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    imperial japan ball
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