World Record Domino Robot (100k dominoes in 24hrs)

846 000 Vaatamised 23 mln

Happy to finally release this one after 5 years of development :)
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Here are more technical details on Dom-

Here is Lily's video-

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Special thanks to:
ClearPath motors from Teknic-


  1. Mark Rober
    Mark Rober
    2 місяці tagasi

    Happy to finally release this one after 5 years of development :) Join me this summer in my Creative Engineering class!!

    1. Cory Pickerign
      Cory Pickerign
      Päev tagasi

      now make one to scoop them up and sort them all

    2. Koko Bobo
      Koko Bobo
      2 päeva tagasi

      @Frosted Blake jj

    3. Marco T. Lima Sachez
      Marco T. Lima Sachez
      6 päeva tagasi


    4. Suyem Guevara
      Suyem Guevara
      16 päeva tagasi

      He kinda looks like the cabanaro effect guy

    5. t mic
      t mic
      Місяць tagasi

      You should have had epoxied the fallen dominoes in the floor would have been amazing

  2. sdgakatbk
    8 tundi tagasi

    Well this video proves one thing. Engineers are weird!

  3. Poop Schoop
    Poop Schoop
    9 tundi tagasi

    I was playing pvz while watching this and then I heard graze the roof play

  4. airpods pro man YT
    airpods pro man YT
    10 tundi tagasi

    He's like the real tony stark

  5. ToasterDoggo
    12 tundi tagasi

    Now here’s the question… what if you got 4 of them?

  6. Mike Rod  2823
    Mike Rod 2823
    15 tundi tagasi

    Plants VS zombies teado

  7. Charlie Ward
    Charlie Ward
    16 tundi tagasi

    I’m just imagining that Mark has a room in his house dedicated to all the things he’s created and kept over the years

  8. Oliver Chapman
    Oliver Chapman
    20 tundi tagasi


  9. catcoulon72
    20 tundi tagasi

    i cant even think of a code word for "cool", that's how epic this is

    1. catcoulon72
      20 tundi tagasi

      the time and dedication put into this is outstanding

  10. nater dawg
    nater dawg
    21 tund tagasi

    no one: mark rober:*happy sqeeks*

  11. Mr.Crabbz
    Päev tagasi

    I feel bad for dom

  12. Mahimo Zegarra
    Mahimo Zegarra
    Päev tagasi

    How is going to clean it up???

  13. Jeremy Waters
    Jeremy Waters
    Päev tagasi

    I feel much less embarrassed knowing now that even mark rober can’t whistle, I’d say I’m in a pretty cool club actually.

  14. saiasi
    Päev tagasi

    I heard pvz music

  15. FicoIsHere
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  16. Asher Stewart
    Asher Stewart
    Päev tagasi

    is that "graze the roof" I hear from PvZ?

  17. CraZeFN
    Päev tagasi

    I've been really fascinated in nuclear power and nuclear submarines or nuclear aircraft carriers I was wondering if you could make a video on nuclear power thire is no videos on EEfast yet thanks

  18. Roberto Rivera
    Roberto Rivera
    Päev tagasi

    Lily should’ve been asked to start 5 years ago. Might’ve had a chance. 😂

  19. Vgr
    Päev tagasi

    I would be the one who trips and falls and ruins everything halfway through

  20. Mr. Monopoly
    Mr. Monopoly
    Päev tagasi

    How do you make that cart?

  21. Tiago Ribeiro Janson Ney
    Tiago Ribeiro Janson Ney
    Päev tagasi

    I like the soundtrack music. Where can I find it ?

  22. Holy Cheese
    Holy Cheese
    2 päeva tagasi

    me while watching this vid: This robots taking this women's whole carrier

  23. The Mitch Zone
    The Mitch Zone
    2 päeva tagasi

    Goddamn *GENIUSES* y'all are!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  24. Maria Salamon
    Maria Salamon
    2 päeva tagasi

    So cute uwu . . 💕 ^

  25. The Fleeks
    The Fleeks
    2 päeva tagasi

    Humans rock

  26. Logan Wicks-Kleman
    Logan Wicks-Kleman
    2 päeva tagasi

    Whats the music you used for this video?

  27. LeAnimeGamer
    2 päeva tagasi

    I just noticed that four Night Rider KITT cars were used in the making of this video.

  28. ML Hubbert
    ML Hubbert
    2 päeva tagasi

    Oh my gosh I love Lily she’s my favorite you tuber other than you but how is there two of my favorite EEfastrs in the same video crazy

  29. Will Baker
    Will Baker
    2 päeva tagasi

    The human can set all the domino's to fall from one domino.

  30. xdsmastermia
    2 päeva tagasi

    that was cool!

  31. Jacob
    2 päeva tagasi


  32. EighteenCharacters
    2 päeva tagasi

    So you 3-D printed parts for a robot that uses 3=D printed Dominoes as a 24- hour 1-layer 3-D printed image. You made a 3-d printer.

  33. Artamis Bot
    Artamis Bot
    2 päeva tagasi

    Proof of the imminent supremacy of robot kind!! Gooooo~ Robot!

  34. BentleyYeetgodMemeLD
    2 päeva tagasi


  35. Kary San
    Kary San
    2 päeva tagasi

    Lily: Wow, I already failed. Mark: Thats great! Me: Hows that great?

  36. alvin Ip
    alvin Ip
    2 päeva tagasi

    honestly the clean up would be so satisfying

  37. Aradhya Gupta
    Aradhya Gupta
    3 päeva tagasi

    Such a cute Dominator Who dominates dominoes

  38. pro vr gamer cool player
    pro vr gamer cool player
    3 päeva tagasi


  39. Kaden Jackson
    Kaden Jackson
    3 päeva tagasi


  40. Parsa
    3 päeva tagasi

    I really admire the amount of hard work and dedication you put into your videos if i tried to do something as complex as this i would rage quit after 2 weeks but you kept the idea going for 5 years 👏

  41. Nick deJager
    Nick deJager
    3 päeva tagasi

    Now what you need is a robot to pick up and resort all those dominos after knocking them down...

  42. Shoesuke
    3 päeva tagasi

    I really love watching these videos so cool

  43. Benjamin Petty
    Benjamin Petty
    3 päeva tagasi

    this was the first video that ever watched on your channel.

  44. Linda Gray
    Linda Gray
    3 päeva tagasi

    At 4:25 it’s so satisfying!

  45. Matt Roldan
    Matt Roldan
    3 päeva tagasi

    Are w not gonna talk about that the music in 1:40 is the pvz roof theme

  46. ok ok boy
    ok ok boy
    3 päeva tagasi

    Oh yeah plants vs zombies music

  47. cocaineinmyvein
    3 päeva tagasi

    Now you just need a robot to clean up.

  48. Eden England
    Eden England
    3 päeva tagasi

    PVZ music was a weird choice for background music but im fine with it

  49. BOB UwU
    BOB UwU
    3 päeva tagasi

    This guy will start the robot up rising

  50. s1deQuest
    3 päeva tagasi

    1:20 plantes vs. zombies music :)

  51. Simon Lo
    Simon Lo
    3 päeva tagasi


  52. iCantAim715
    4 päeva tagasi

    Mark in heaven in 2082: Dominator size of the solar system..

  53. Adam Sundermann
    Adam Sundermann
    4 päeva tagasi

    It’s a super domino brothers it’s impressive

  54. Atticus Arken Timola
    Atticus Arken Timola
    4 päeva tagasi

    Say Hello to Dominator!

  55. Wonder Honder
    Wonder Honder
    4 päeva tagasi

    Oh yah

  56. Leongon draws stuff
    Leongon draws stuff
    4 päeva tagasi

    Lover goals... to make your partner have as much pleasure as Mark Rober watching 100k dominoes falling over.

  57. simon wang
    simon wang
    4 päeva tagasi

    The deadpan cheetah naively breathe because carol genotypically imagine across a detailed guide. deeply, ancient period

  58. VaporyMocha
    4 päeva tagasi

    i got hit with nostalgia when he started playing PvZ Music

  59. John Pullum
    John Pullum
    4 päeva tagasi

    That was amazing!

  60. mystic plays
    mystic plays
    4 päeva tagasi

    Where can i buy lol

  61. Milan Shine
    Milan Shine
    4 päeva tagasi

    a newspaper is a boring ipad made out of trees xD

  62. GamingBeast Official
    GamingBeast Official
    5 päeva tagasi

    The 4 letter 4 people group against a 4 letter domino queen. Mark Josh John Alex Lily This makes no sense but it does at the same time

  63. GamingBeast Official
    GamingBeast Official
    5 päeva tagasi

    Dom on wheels? That's a fast and furious reference for me

  64. just an ordinary ushanka
    just an ordinary ushanka
    5 päeva tagasi

    1:11 when the plant vs zombie music hits 🥲

  65. Don Buendia
    Don Buendia
    5 päeva tagasi

    R VU OK

  66. Zakaris Abdi
    Zakaris Abdi
    5 päeva tagasi

    Wait a couple of months for Oil Change😂😂😂

  67. Joseph Griesbach
    Joseph Griesbach
    5 päeva tagasi

    You should create some sort of robot that can sort and finish a 1000 piece puzzle in world record time that would be so amazing...

  68. Konrad Kaufman
    Konrad Kaufman
    5 päeva tagasi

    Doesn’t count. You have to be able to lock over just one and set off the chain reaction for it to count.

  69. Ijas Ahmed Disha
    Ijas Ahmed Disha
    5 päeva tagasi

    Technology is making us lazy..

  70. Stacia Paulson
    Stacia Paulson
    5 päeva tagasi

    ? you 🔧⚒🛠

  71. Hyein Clifton
    Hyein Clifton
    5 päeva tagasi

    @Mark Rober i bought a Dom Jr. for my brothers birthday

  72. Phantom_Images
    5 päeva tagasi

    Imagine if he forgot to record the 100k dominos falling down-

  73. Will Taylor
    Will Taylor
    5 päeva tagasi

    Wow just wow

  74. BnC Gaming
    BnC Gaming
    5 päeva tagasi

    One wrong move and this wouldn't have been a video

  75. bob jeffery
    bob jeffery
    6 päeva tagasi

    does anyone know what the thing Mark was driving around in is called

  76. Music Dil Se (By Dhairya Agarwal)
    Music Dil Se (By Dhairya Agarwal)
    6 päeva tagasi

    So.... no one realized that this was Mark's 100th vid?

  77. fairfeatherfiend
    6 päeva tagasi

    All that brain power, wasted. Why not use it to solve some real problems, like global warming.

  78. noah siwes
    noah siwes
    6 päeva tagasi

    what I want to know is at the end, why are the eureka and maker crates limited to 104 years old's.

  79. kf
    6 päeva tagasi

    I'm Soo confused

  80. Mary Spurlock
    Mary Spurlock
    6 päeva tagasi

    Why didn’t you call Mr Beast in his video

    6 päeva tagasi

    I love these videos because we truly see how happy doing engineering projects makes Mark! ❤️

  82. fender71983
    6 päeva tagasi

    So what if you want to set it up to where a single domino can set off the whole thing?

  83. JUNUHUNU productions
    JUNUHUNU productions
    6 päeva tagasi

    So nice!

  84. Yashaswi Kulshreshtha
    Yashaswi Kulshreshtha
    6 päeva tagasi

    Gotta say I admire the design

  85. Alqama
    6 päeva tagasi

    BTW congratulations on your 100th video!!! 🥳🥳🥳

  86. KlanKutsik ;w;
    KlanKutsik ;w;
    6 päeva tagasi

    Holy moly PVZ original music at the beginning YESSS!!!

  87. Reddit Rebecka
    Reddit Rebecka
    6 päeva tagasi

    It gets more impressive with every video I swear love your content and now one of my kids wants to be an engineer

  88. Hajebasita
    6 päeva tagasi


  89. EthanTheEater
    6 päeva tagasi

    OmG Nice robot I love your channel! It's really cool! 😁

  90. Marco T. Lima Sachez
    Marco T. Lima Sachez
    6 päeva tagasi


  91. StaidVoice
    6 päeva tagasi

    Mark what is a newspaper?

  92. BRUH H
    BRUH H
    7 päeva tagasi

    lilly:Wow i already failed Mark:Thats great

  93. 7 päeva tagasi


  94. anadey Gordillo
    anadey Gordillo
    7 päeva tagasi

    I'd call him dominic

  95. Ooferdoodle Strudel
    Ooferdoodle Strudel
    7 päeva tagasi

    Your one crazy kid

  96. Frederrik Kaufmann jensen
    Frederrik Kaufmann jensen
    7 päeva tagasi

    Plats vs zombies musik

  97. MusicAddiction
    7 päeva tagasi

    What's the beat at 2:44?

  98. Aaron Mallie
    Aaron Mallie
    7 päeva tagasi

    i love mario bros and dominos

  99. maltest
    7 päeva tagasi

    surely this could be faster multiple robot arms bigger plates

  100. Mark Conger
    Mark Conger
    7 päeva tagasi

    To whomever on Mark’s team who reads all the comments, could you please suggest the notion of making a how-to book filled with projects that people make via Mark’s courses? The late Grant Thompson of The King Of Random channel (now TKOR) produced a great book titled Life Hacks, and then later 52 Random Weekend Projects which featured a lot of his work. I’m thinking something similar for Mark’s courses would be something I’d buy for me as well as our teen son who loves Mark’s videos.