Amazing Things That ONLY Exist In Japan

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  1. Silverpath
    Päev tagasi


  2. Silverpath
    Päev tagasi

    I ate yellow watermlon

  3. Javan Alphonse F✏️📓
    Javan Alphonse F✏️📓
    Päev tagasi


  4. Javan Alphonse F✏️📓
    Javan Alphonse F✏️📓
    Päev tagasi


  5. Javan Alphonse F✏️📓
    Javan Alphonse F✏️📓
    Päev tagasi


  6. Javan Alphonse F✏️📓
    Javan Alphonse F✏️📓
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  7. Milk.bunnyy
    2 päeva tagasi

    Lately her videos have been like skipping in random spots-

  8. Carlo Apigo
    Carlo Apigo
    3 päeva tagasi

    its different

  9. Cr Swarna
    Cr Swarna
    4 päeva tagasi

    The water melon 🍉 bread is for people who allergic to water melon to make them feel better 🥺🥺🥺

  10. autistic gamer
    autistic gamer
    5 päeva tagasi

    that moment when japen turns in minecaft irl

  11. kahryn phelps
    kahryn phelps
    6 päeva tagasi

    Z Ooh La La français

  12. Ruby Tuesday
    Ruby Tuesday
    7 päeva tagasi

    That clear Coca-Cola is empty it's just an empty bottle

  13. MeowzPlayz
    7 päeva tagasi

    for 1:17 umm this is prob to much info but i went to one of those toilet stores and they had toilets as seats and when i was like 4 i went there and i thought it was an actually toilet and i nearly did my buisness in there 🤮

  14. Angel Daffon
    Angel Daffon
    7 päeva tagasi

    Hi I'm a big fan if yours

  15. mono the first
    mono the first
    8 päeva tagasi


  16. Brooklynnnn
    10 päeva tagasi

    everything in japan is much better, except the Olympic judges

  17. Stefani Lackner
    Stefani Lackner
    10 päeva tagasi

    The audio being so off is super funny!

  18. Kaye Magsucang
    Kaye Magsucang
    11 päeva tagasi

    Japan do be very advanced

  19. Em Servando
    Em Servando
    11 päeva tagasi

    I live in Japan 🗾

  20.  black cat
    black cat
    11 päeva tagasi

    is it just me or the sound is ahead the vid

  21. Noora Sakhri
    Noora Sakhri
    11 päeva tagasi

    anyone gonna talk about the sound skipping a part of the video?

  22. Masaru Yokota
    Masaru Yokota
    12 päeva tagasi

    Although I'm Japanese, there're sort of things I don't know lol

  23. Cobayina kuikKuik!
    Cobayina kuikKuik!
    12 päeva tagasi

    1:00-1:03 "this ice would eat this" lol sssniperwolf r u ok

  24. Pranay Kumar
    Pranay Kumar
    12 päeva tagasi

    Those are disconnected phone booths so they improvised to that

  25. Aaron Green
    Aaron Green
    13 päeva tagasi

    anyone elses video all of a sudden go out of sync with the audio lmao

    1. Obnoxious Gas
      Obnoxious Gas
      12 päeva tagasi

      Yeah me too

  26. Jess_foodie
    14 päeva tagasi

    I’ve had watermelon bread before. It taste amazing.

  27. Rainy•Shqdows
    14 päeva tagasi

    What's the point in clear coke? Also the toilet would help a lot of females. ;-;

  28. 15 päeva tagasi

    I’m happy to see her happy cuz I’m Japanese

  29. Barjee
    16 päeva tagasi

    1:05 audio sync? XD

  30. Mackenzie Wright
    Mackenzie Wright
    16 päeva tagasi

    Is anyone else's video delayed?

  31. NRG Mex
    NRG Mex
    16 päeva tagasi

    Anybody notice how the products were getting more cursed as the video played

  32. Olivia Issa
    Olivia Issa
    17 päeva tagasi

    is she really speaking in the video or is it a voice over? It really off. It happened around after the hand wash station.

  33. karylle caldejon
    karylle caldejon
    18 päeva tagasi

    I have been there and the pancakes are so good

  34. Theodore Bacsal
    Theodore Bacsal
    18 päeva tagasi

    the ramen shield is a baby shampoo shield

  35. RobloxGamerGirl
    18 päeva tagasi

    1:27 the vpice was glitching the video was after the voice

  36. Emily Herman
    Emily Herman
    19 päeva tagasi

    uh the video is kinda off...

  37. Rain0and0Thunder
    19 päeva tagasi

    after a certain point this becomes completely unwatchable, the audio and video are off. XD

  38. Christian Pedersen
    Christian Pedersen
    20 päeva tagasi

    You can also se in Denmark the things that you eat so it’s not just Japan

  39. Vrickle
    22 päeva tagasi

    aint nobody gonna talk about the voice glitch in 1:01

  40. Erry
    22 päeva tagasi

    lmao i thought it's just me that the video and sounds is whack but it's the video lmao

  41. Ote Dondon
    Ote Dondon
    22 päeva tagasi

    Those water sounds is for the loud shitters 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  42. Roy Carr
    Roy Carr
    22 päeva tagasi

    I LOVE YOUR videos it really helps me to calm down at the end of the day

  43. BluSkyZ29
    23 päeva tagasi

    So um- who’s gonna tell her there’s square watermelon bread and white coca cola in USA- Edit: Actually, I wouldn’t know about USA, but there is that stuff in Canada- I’ve had both before

  44. Darren MacDonald
    Darren MacDonald
    23 päeva tagasi

    What the hell is yellow water melon, all I know is melon and water melon

  45. oof plays
    oof plays
    23 päeva tagasi

    anyone else audio screwed

  46. Livia K
    Livia K
    23 päeva tagasi

    Coke is GREEN without coloring!

  47. Vai Law
    Vai Law
    24 päeva tagasi

    Man that full body umbrella is kinda handy nowadays with all the virus and social distancing, its just your personal bubble....wam bam thank you ma'am 😊

  48. Nairobi
    24 päeva tagasi

    Me : puts clear Coca Cola in the in a normal water bottle and then take it to school

  49. Ashley Lennette
    Ashley Lennette
    24 päeva tagasi


  50. seema ahlawat
    seema ahlawat
    25 päeva tagasi

    This girl is beautiful and unique 🥰😍

  51. SpookyVibeLana🎃🧡
    25 päeva tagasi


  52. Isabelle Van Rooyen
    Isabelle Van Rooyen
    26 päeva tagasi

    Who else watches her videos over and her old ones-

  53. tshepo mogotsi
    tshepo mogotsi
    26 päeva tagasi

    Thank you sssniperwolf I love your videos tomorrow my birthday I love you bye

  54. Tanzeela Monjur
    Tanzeela Monjur
    27 päeva tagasi

    Also something that japan mostly has. *Earthquakes.*

  55. Teddy_x wolfie girl
    Teddy_x wolfie girl
    27 päeva tagasi

    Guess what Luca need the umbrella! 😂🤣

  56. Willa wong
    Willa wong
    28 päeva tagasi

    Is it just me or do some of parts of these recent videos get cut randomly throughout?

  57. R.R WORLD
    28 päeva tagasi


  58. Kevichunuo Mary
    Kevichunuo Mary
    28 päeva tagasi

    Oh my god so goodddd

  59. Martins and Emmanuel Omilusi
    Martins and Emmanuel Omilusi
    28 päeva tagasi

    nobody talking about in comments how here voice was glitched in different scenes me who restarted the page to see if my yt was broken

  60. Elizabeth Herhold
    Elizabeth Herhold
    28 päeva tagasi


  61. 29 päeva tagasi

    0:15 is that a demogorgan-

  62. Joumana Harma
    Joumana Harma
    29 päeva tagasi

    Did you know that Japan is not the only country that has heated fridges, there are a lot in other countries such as England

  63. Vibin_Luz👽
    29 päeva tagasi

    Y is the bussin stuff in japan 👁👄👁

  64. Syrenity Holford-Miller L.
    Syrenity Holford-Miller L.
    29 päeva tagasi

    Was it just me or was it messed up because the video and the audio was different?

  65. TheAtomicEditor & Plushie Maker
    TheAtomicEditor & Plushie Maker
    29 päeva tagasi

    The audio is ahead of the video

  66. i like cool ppl
    i like cool ppl
    29 päeva tagasi

    you should come here we got many more cooler things…………

  67. elston.acts.stupid.
    Місяць tagasi

    5:21 NO. it’s a crime to put ketchup on a hotdog

  68. Justine Kimmel
    Justine Kimmel
    Місяць tagasi

    I don’t live in Japan but In Indian there is those public bathrooms

  69. aisha Troche
    aisha Troche
    Місяць tagasi

    The square watermelon is my favorite

  70. bored life
    bored life
    Місяць tagasi

    Bruh Japan is just waaaaaaay ahead of the rest of the world .-.

  71. KIM
    Місяць tagasi

    Japan living in the future

  72. Веронvика Кроитор
    Веронvика Кроитор
    Місяць tagasi

    Do sniper wolf dont have a shirt?

  73. david
    Місяць tagasi

    She's almost at 30 mil

  74. Chrissy Papes
    Chrissy Papes
    Місяць tagasi

    I just had a mental breakdown and she made me happy Tysm lia

  75. PrairieGirl LifeTV
    PrairieGirl LifeTV
    Місяць tagasi


  76. ToniHunterOne
    Місяць tagasi

    Why is your ice cream 💩 cutoff?, Lia?

  77. Patrick Gallagher
    Patrick Gallagher
    Місяць tagasi

    I play soccer and my coaches friend is from japan

  78. Nymiura Lee
    Nymiura Lee
    Місяць tagasi

    Pepsi clear exists in America….

  79. my hero academia
    my hero academia
    Місяць tagasi

    um the square water melons are not edible because they are not picked ripe they are not ripe and they are discussing but they are pretty cool there more for decorations than eating it :3

  80. my hero academia
    my hero academia
    Місяць tagasi

    Ye the beto boxes are amazing

  81. qxftie
    Місяць tagasi

    I've actually had the clear cola before and it tastes exactly like normal coke.

  82. Rumaana Hadjee
    Rumaana Hadjee
    Місяць tagasi

    The poor goldfish

  83. isiah collins-polata
    isiah collins-polata
    Місяць tagasi

    is it just me or is befor it happen

  84. Stāke
    Місяць tagasi

    Fun fact: you're no longer bored

  85. DarkLord2134 DL
    DarkLord2134 DL
    Місяць tagasi

    Summon.. The WEEBS!

  86. Dainan Holden
    Dainan Holden
    Місяць tagasi

    look at all those puddings

  87. Glenn Ramos
    Glenn Ramos
    Місяць tagasi

    DO you ever think that sssniperwolf is posting her old videos?

  88. Laiba Ahmed
    Laiba Ahmed
    Місяць tagasi

    Is it me or the video isn't edited right

  89. YourLocal._.Editor
    Місяць tagasi

    That long candy thing is in America too! They r called yummie nummies,but it is blue and it comes with sprinkles

  90. CherryxLemon
    Місяць tagasi


  91. Aleah Mha lover
    Aleah Mha lover
    Місяць tagasi

    OK I think every one agrees with me when I say she is the QUEEN🥺💋😻👍👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  92. jared glinka
    jared glinka
    Місяць tagasi

    The brief novel oceanographically lock because time currently gather lest a unaccountable cheese. disastrous, quizzical climb

  93. Jaidyn Burrell
    Jaidyn Burrell
    Місяць tagasi

    in america its just $117.21

  94. Izzy Alford
    Izzy Alford
    Місяць tagasi

    If ur in japan and a zombie apocalypse ever happened u will be good😂

  95. Marko Siegl
    Marko Siegl
    Місяць tagasi

    The audio is off with the video

  96. Francheska lee Delos Santos
    Francheska lee Delos Santos
    Місяць tagasi

    Americans is so lazy just for my opinion

  97. Rachael Lyle
    Rachael Lyle
    Місяць tagasi

    Does no one notice the audio doesn't sink up?

    1. Rachael Lyle
      Rachael Lyle
      Місяць tagasi

      Never mind just me

  98. Kaylani Rain
    Kaylani Rain
    Місяць tagasi

    I’ve I tried had a yellow watermelon before I do not like it Japan Coca-Cola in Atlanta Georgia tried

  99. sherazi
    Місяць tagasi

    Poop cake , plot twist snipes would actually eat it💩🤪

  100. cookie elfbear
    cookie elfbear
    Місяць tagasi

    there is something wrong with this video like at the 1:04 part likethe voice just switch to the Mc DD part plzz fix it thank you